Plaisirs au coin du feu

Tagliatelle with girolle mushrooms

  • Zubereitung : 15min
  • Garen : 10min
  • Schwierigkeit :

Die Zubereitung


If mushrooms are cooked on too high heat they will get a rubbery-consistency. Furthermore since girolles have a such a subtle taste, avoid using too much over-powering garlic and rather choose shallots which are fragrant but milder.

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Tagliatelle with girolle mushrooms

Pinot Gris d’Alsace

These intensely flavoured girolle mushrooms unfold in a most delicate texture. This dish requires a wine which has body and is both generous and supple. Pinot Gris d’Alsace is well-structured and boasts great generosity able to gently coat the refined meat of these mushrooms. Serve it chilled and don’t hesitate opening it about ten minutes before sitting down to let it breathe.

4 Personen

800gof girolle mushrooms
250gof Tagliatelle
1 tablespoonof olive oil
1 glass of dry whitewine
1 tablespoonof heavy cream
Flat parsley
Salt and pepper