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Fish casserole dish with Riesling sauce

  • Zubereitung : 20 min
  • Garen : 20 min
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Fish casserole dish with Riesling sauce

Riesling d’Alsace

Its imperious integrity and rare elegance provides a touch of vivacity which contrasts with the smooth creamy sauce. The minerality of a Riesling Grand Cru additionally emphasizes the finely-salty character of the crustaceans.

4 Personen

400gof fillets of fish
100gof scallops
100gof crayfish tails
100gof diced smoked lardons
100gof button mushrooms
150gof onion
10gof shallot
20clof Riesling d’Alsace
20clof single cream
½ teaspoonof cornflour
50clof stock
200gof frozen broad beans
Salt, pepper