Vineyard festival in Dambach-la-Ville

Pierres et Vins de granite (Granite Wine & Stone)

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This event, organised by the Confrérie Vinique des Bienheureux du Frankstein, celebrates the wines and vineyards of the Medieval town of Dambach-la-Ville.

During the walk you'll discover why Alsace Grand Cru Frankstein wines are so typical of their granitic terroir. The winegrowers will introduce you to the basics of geology and botany and you'll learn to recognise the olfactory characteristics of the wines through a series of tastings and games.

At 11 am you'll attend an inauguration ceremony during which a case of the "Bienheureuse" cuvée will be immersed in the Fontaine de l'Ours. Then you'll walk through the "Bienheureux workshop" where the Compagnons du Devoir will present various demonstrations of ancient trades. You can also enjoy the art and craft exhibitions.

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