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Gentil d’Alsace

Gentil d’Alsace

Its origins

In the 1920’s, Gentil was a blending of grape varieties from the same parcel. Indeed these were often planted with different varieties which were harvested and vinified together. 

Gentil has come back into style over these last years and is currently waiting on an Interprofessional Charter to define its production conditions. 

The name Gentil is therefore reserved for AOC Alsace wines fulfilling the superior-quality blending standards. This blending must have at least 50% of Riesling, Muscat, Pinot Gris and/or Gewurztraminer, and the rest can be either Sylvaner, Chasselas and/or Pinot Blanc. Before blending, each variety must be vinified separately and must officially qualify as an AOC Alsace wine. The vintage year must appear on the Gentil label and can only be sold after being tasted and approved.

Gentil is different from Edelzwicker which is also a blended wine but which can be made using all the Alsace white wine varieties, without having any proportion indications or constraints. Moreover, Edelzwicker varieties can be vinified together or separately. 

Gentil d’Alsace

Pairing it

Gentil is a wine which can accompany you throughout a whole meal.

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