Grand Cru

Altenberg de Wolxheim


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    At the foot of the Horn, Altenberg is right in the middle of the Wolxheim wine-growing area: 31.20 ha which are remarkably exposed, benefiting from an ideally, very dry microclimate at an altitude of 200 to 250m. In the Wolxheim fault area, this terroir with early to middle Jurassic period rock formations is composed of stony-rich marl-limestone.

    Altenberg specifically favours Riesling grapes which cover about 18 ha. Gewurztraminer is also present with 8 ha.

    Numerous archived medieval documents recount the interest of religious congregations for the Wolxheim wine-growing area: the Strasbourg bishopric (bishop Wernher in 1003), the Hohenbourg Abbey (Saint Odile 1188), the Benedictines of Altdorf (1192) and the Strasbourg hospital (register of goods in 1320) all owned a large part.

    More recent accounts are just as impassioned: Auguste Stoeber, J.-L. Stoltz, Charles Gérard and Médard Barth all individually glorify the area. As well as De Grandidier, the bishopric archivist and historian:

    Wolxheim wine is famous. It was much appreciated by the Emperor Napoleon I. Altenberg produces a high-quality wine: the well-known Riesling.

    Altenberg de Wolxheim wines are both gastronomic and age wonderfully, with delicious and generous character. Over the years they develop an intense and harmonious body with fine aromas, specific to its marl-limestone terroir.

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    A refined elegance is the leading impression of this Grand Cru.

    Full of depth, the palate begins with a delicate, almost creamy attack which develops into a light sensation. The middle mouth is unusually fine, enveloping a pleasant body with a generous and unified acidity which is never aggressive. Its length is characterised by its intensity which blends subtle mineral fragrances and a fresh menthol, almost eucalyptus touch.

    This wine often reveals notes of herbal tea, verbena or lime. The characteristic elegance of Riesling wines allows them to fully express themselves. Gewurztraminer is refined, and its wonderful balance appeases the grape-specific varietal expression.

    Romain Ilitis
    Meilleur Sommelier de France 2012 & Meilleur Ouvrier de France 2015 


    Even if after 3 years the Altenberg de Wolxheim is already fully enjoyable and delicious, waiting 5 years will allow this Cru to unfold all its complexity and allure.

    During early vintage: the smoother attack on the palate introduces lighter and more full-bodied wine. The whole remains succulent for a singularly elegant expression.

    During late vintage: the notion of succulence is at the cusp of precision to sublimate the magical aromas of white flowers.


    The finesse of Altenberg wine calls for noble and subtle dishes. Scallops, abalones or even cockles: fine-fleshed shellfish or crustaceans are recommended and why not accompanied by a risotto. Smoked fish such as eel or trout will be even more succulent with the elegance and minerality provided in this sublimated Cru.