Fresh & Dry

Sylvaner d’Alsace

Sylvaner d’Alsace

Tasting it


The colour is clear with green hints underlining its characteristic freshness. 


The nose is delicate and appealing. The bouquet is subtly fruit and floral: citrus fruits, white flowers, freshly-cut grass … 


The palate is approachable and delicate, framed around vivid acidity.

This dry, delicate and refreshing wine brings an element of vivaciousness in its food pairings.

Sylvaner d’Alsace

Pairing it

This wine is both spontaneous and light, adopting a direct approach without caring about embellishments.

Frank and direct by nature, Sylvaner is above all a refreshing wine to be shared without any frills along with plates of charcuterie or with a fuss-free quiche or onion tart. Nothing can beat this wine for a better partner of simple and authentic dishes with its verve and easy-going charms. Which is why it’s also so perfect when accompanying a Savoie fondue or raclette.

Since Sylvaner wines like to play many roles, it is also an ideal partner for shellfish. Since they are not headily perfumed, they are particular suited for the sea brine flavours of oysters and other delicacies from seafood platters. Mussels, snails and grilled fish also benefit from being paired with these mouth-wateringly and subtly fresh wines.

Although it’s often difficult to make wine and vinegar mix, Sylvaner does wonders with salads and crudités by providing gentle vegetal and fresh notes while staying the course.

Sylvaner d’Alsace

Its origins

Traditionally grown in Alsace, Sylvaner apparently originated in Austria and spread all around Central Europe Central and even to Russia, Australia and California. It is thought that perhaps this grape variety came from Transylvania, due to its similar etymology.


I am the personification of vivaciousness, youth and spring! I am most happy when in the country with flowery meadows and butterflies fluttering happily about. This pastel and bright painting perfectly describe my cheerful and bucolic character.

I also love the seaside with its shells, shellfish and grilled fish. My music is flowing and light resonating with the sound of flutes and tambourines.

In the vineyards

  • Leaf

    The leaf is orbicular, whole or slightly bullate. It has wide pointy teeth.
  • Bunch

    Sylvaner grappes@2x
    The bunch is of medium size, cylindrical or conical-cylindrical and compact.
  • Berry

    Sylvaner baie@2x
    The berry is spherical, average sized and green with brown specks turning golden yellow with good sun exposure. The skin is relatively thick. The berry has a subtle flavour, slightly acidic.