Powerful & Intense

Gewurztraminer d’Alsace

Gewurztraminer d’Alsace

Tasting it


Intense yellow colour tinged with gold highlights. The skin’s pinkish hue naturally influences the wine colour.


The Gewurztraminer is characterised by its wonderful aromatic, rich and exuberant palate. A powerful, complex bouquet with an explosion of exotic fruits (lychees, passion fruit, pineapple, mangos …), of flowers (notably roses), citrus fruit and spices. 


Gewurztraminer is characterised by its wonderful aromatic, rich and exuberant palate. A full-bodied yet delicate wine which reveals a complex personality and dense structure, harmoniously sustained by a freshness that is nevertheless more discreet than in other Vins d’Alsace. The palate, like the nose, is entertained by a festival of exotic and delightful flavours.

Naturally complex and with an exuberant expression, this wine is extremely versatile when paired with food.

Gewurztraminer d’Alsace

Pairing it

The rich, intense and full-bodied character of Gewurztraminer exquisitely unravels on the palate, revealing an astonishing congregation of varied fruits, flowers and spices!

It allows your taste-buds to be fully awake and is ideal for an aperitif.

Its smooth and enticing character is like an invitation to exceptional sensorial experiences. So it’s only natural to associate this wine with dishes from around the world: it highlights and enhances the spicy flavours in Asian, Indian, Mexican or Moroccan dishes. There are several reasons for this aptitude. First off, most Asian dishes are made with sugar-based sauces like sweet-and-sour fish, pork with caramel or duck in orange sauce. The sweetness of these dishes requires a silky and generous wine. Furthermore most of these dishes are liberally endowed with very spicy aromatic herbs and spices which so beautifully characterise Thai cuisine (lemongrass, turmeric…), Indian (coriander, cumin, garam masala), Indonesian (coconut milk, turmeric, chilli) or Moroccan (cinnamon, cloves, hot peppers). Here Gewurztraminer reveals the extent of its intensity, its volume and its extraordinary finish. Far from fearing these powerful flavours, it welcomes them into a sensual, spontaneous and passionate swing!

On a totally different level, Gewurztraminer is superb with strong-tasting cheese-plate assortments. Munster, Maroilles, Pont-l’Évêque and Livarot have similar aromatic intensity which is perfectly matched by the fruitiness and weighty palate of this wine.

And finally it’s the long-awaited dessert time! Resembling a charming smile, it sports its unparalleled fruitiness to complement an apricot tart, chocolate with exotic fruit or a crème caramel. It’s also perfect with biscuits or cakes or any slightly-sweet desserts.

Gewurztraminer d’Alsace

Its origins

Gewurztraminer is a particularly aromatic selection of an age-old recognised varietal in Alsace, the Traminer rose. In the past it was known under the name of Traminer, when its wine was a little less powerful. It should also be noted that the Klevener de Heiligenstein, variety grown in a small area in the Barr region, represents a type of this Traminer, called Savignin Rose today. Etymologically-speaking, the name Gewurztraminer means spicy.


I am undoubtedly the most extroverted and most extravagant of Alsace wines. I personify travels to markets in the South or the Orient; the abundance of colours, rhythms, fragrances and exceptionally sumptuous textiles. I appeal to all your senses with my intensity, delicacy, vitality and complexity.

In the vineyards

  • Leaf

    It’s small, round and has three lobes with red-colour veins.
  • Bunch

    Gewurzt grappes@2x
    In a small, conical shape, it’s rather loose.
  • Berry

    Gewurzt baie@2x
    It is small, round with a pink to light red colour. Its juice is perfumed with a light musky flavour.