The Guilds

​Confrérie de la Corne d’Ottrott

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The Guild was created on May 27, 1586 at the Haut-Barr Castle by the Bishop of Strasbourg, Jean de Manderscheidt, to reinforce friendships and to avoid wars. The symbol is an auroch’s horn containing 4 pints of red Ottrott wine. Any future sworn-in knights were forced to empty the horn.
* a pint = 0.93 litres

The Charter

We want to remain faithful to an ideal of promoting tourism, wine and gastronomy in our village and our region of Alsace.


La confrérie

The Members

A Grand master, assisted by 6 Council Members and 9 Great Dignitaries

3>The dress

We chose costumes which are exact copies from the 16th century, representing the social classes of the time.
La médaille, portée en sautoir, représentant une corne d’aurochs et les ruines des deux châteaux d’Ottrott