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Confrérie Saint-Étienne d’Alsace

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The origins of the Confrérie Saint- Étienne d’Alsace date back to the 14th century. Every December 26, the name day of Saint Étienne, the society of Ammerschwihr notables near Colmar, with one of the major roles being the strict surveillance of its wine quality, gathered together for its annual feast. The splendour and magnificence of this event were such that the population took the habit of calling our society theConfrérie Saint Etienne. Spurred on by a group of Alsace wine-makers and friends, lead by Joseph DREYER, the Registrar-founder, it was revived in its current form in 1947 with the aim of having people discover and love Alsace wines!

In 1973, it created its headquarters at the Kientzheim Castle, near Kaysersberg.

The Charter – The motto

Article 1 of the rules:

You cannot belong to the Confrérie de Saint-Étienne if you don’t like having fun, good food and Alsace wines. Nevertheless, your potential admission can only be pronounced upon the motivated recommendation of a duly-authorised brother and after approval by the Grand Council. The latter with will demand the postulant undergo some admission-specific wine tests...

  • Kientzheim

La confrérie

The members

  • Apprentice
  • Brother/Sister
  • Fellow craft
  • Master Brother/Sister
  • Seneschal Brother/Sister
  • Wine-maker Brother/Sister
  • Honorary Brother/Sister
  • Oenophile Brother/Sister

The dress

Red cape, three-cornered hat, white gloves, medallion with a small keg


Throughout the world, from Belgium to Sweden and from Japan to the United States, our foreign Delegations strive to promote Alsace wines and transmit the positive mindset of the Confrérie Saint-Étienne of Alsace.