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With my meats

With my meats

Poultry and white meats

Chicken, capon, turkey or small quail don’t appreciate the often-aggressive wine tannins with their delicate meat. The Riesling d’Alsace plays on the finesse of its texture and subtlety of its aromas to perfectly marry with these savoury meats.

It’s also ideal with white meats which are roasted or in cream sauces: veal blanquette, chicken vol-au-vents, veal scallop with cream...

A Crémant d’Alsace,both smooth and fresh with fruity notes gives a festive alternative thanks to its exquisite sparkly bubbles.

For foie-gras filled poultry with morel, boletus and other mushrooms... let’s chose a wine with roundness, full-body and with a long finish, like a Pinot Gris d’Alsace.

With my meats

Salted and smoked meats

Le Sylvaner d’Alsace, thirst-quenching and fresh, has no equal to lighten-up savoury and unctuous dishes with its fantastic vivacity.

Drink Sylvaner, and charcuterie dishes will become a light meal!

With my meats

Grilled meats

Enjoyed in the garden, the Pinot Noir d’Alsace « Rosé » is totally at home during warm summer days, listening to chops sizzling on embers or accompanying different kebabs.

In the light red version, the Pinot Noir d’Alsace, elegant, slightly tannic and delicately fruity, is an ideal match for the tender and tasty lamb. 

With my meats

Foie gras

Foie gras requires a smooth white wine with finesse but also intensity to emphasize its inimitable flavour and texture. The Pinot Gris d’Alsace will perfectly meet these requirements, enhancing the foie gras without tiring the tastebuds.

For those who love great sweet wines, the Vendanges Tardives d’Alsace offer a full and unctuous palate with an incredible sugar-acidity balance wines with stature and fantastic when the foie gras is accompanied by figs, a spiced mango chutney or roasted pears.

With my meats

Exotic dishes

The aromatic complexity and smooth palate of aPinot Gris d’Alsace are great for sophisticated pairing of sweet and savoury dishes. Its sweet side is in perfect harmony with the honey or fruit wheras the acidity of its structure enhances the meat texture.

And as for the Gewurztraminer d’Alsace, with sensual and enchanting hints, it makes your mind travel. When accompanying spicy dishes, it rolls-out all its weight and boasts an extraordinary finish. Its roundness on the palate and fragrant aromas are ideal with Asian, Indian, Mexican or Moroccan dishes!