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Bennwihr et Sigolsheim

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      Bennwihr et Sigolsheim

    To the south of the village of Bennwihr, when leaving the Kaysersberg valley, the Marckrain vineyard sits on the famous Route des Vins between 200 and 300m in altitude. It benefits from a very favourable south-east exposure and a notable Colmar-specific microclimate. The terroir of 53.35ha is made of Oligocene-epoch coastal conglomerate. The soil is marl-limestone with mostly Oolithic limestone pebbles with interbedded marl.

    Here it’s Gewurztraminer which rules. One can also find the Alsace Pinot Gris.

    Bennwihr, the “Beno Estate” was documented in 777, designated under the name Beno Villare. The Celtics Route which runs along the Vosges foothills, at one time passed at the foot of the Marckrain slopes.

    Very well structured, full-bodied, intense and with very developed complex aromas, the Marckrain Gewurztraminer boasts a perfect harmony.

    Pinot Gris offers a fine and discrete fruitiness. It is heavy and fragrances with typical terroir aromas.


    This terroir is marked by weight and generosity.

    Its wine generally has high sugar levels, a sign of the great maturity allowed by this Grand Cru. A generous and honey-like structure coats the mouth and finds a subtle balance with the presence of a harmonious and chiselled freshness which remains central in the mouth. This “underlying” exuberance provides a balance and thus allows the wine to keep a pleasant succulence. The length has a delightful exotic variety.

    Pinot Gris and Gewurztraminer are the dominant grape varieties of this Cru. In these two varieties, there are spicy savours and pastry notes which mark the wines, giving them a very distinct aromatic complexity.

    Romain Ilitis
    Meilleur Sommelier de France 2012 & Meilleur Ouvrier de France 2015 


    The spicy and fruity pleasure makes it a wine ready to drink in the first years, to then age admirably. Over time the spicy notes will be intensified, integrating the complexity.

    During early vintage: fresh yellow or exotic fruit notes mingle together adding to the intensity and honey-like character.

    During late vintage: Beautiful maturities are an indicator of this Cru with a concentration evolving more onto candied or roasted fruits.


    The generosity of Marckrain as well as its pastry aromas make it a natural partner for desserts and end-of-meal delights. The wine roundness matches easily with pastry or Chiboust cream or mousses. It will also pair wonderfully with fried or terrine foie gras, which has the advantage of exalting the spicy fragrances of this Cru.