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    At 275m in altitude, Sporen is a natural, mildly-sloped cirque facing the south-east. It is composed of early Jurassic-period, clayey-marl terrains, decalcified on the surface and exceptionally rich in phosphoric acid, which is factor inducing early-ripening and a sign of quality. Its deep soil, sheltered from drought during years with little rain, leaves the vine roots to explore the ground looking for oligo-elements, factors of wine complexity.

    With a surface area of 23.70ha, Sporen is essentially planted with Gewurztraminer and Pinot Gris. 

    The archives of the Dukes of Wurtemberg already cited Sporen in 1432. In 1580, Fischar named placed it in first position among Alsace wines:

    Doch gegen den Reichenweier Sporen haben Sie alle das Spiel verloren.[TR1] 

    It has been marketed under the name of its Cru for centuries.

    Sporen wine is characterised by its finesse, class and complexity, allied with elegance. This wine ages remarkably well.