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Vendanges tardives

Vendanges tardives

Tasting it


It has an intense golden-yellow hue.


The nose is dominated by extremely ripe concentrated fruit. This is blended with quince, caramel and exotic fruit jam or honeyed notes.


The attack is silky and unctuous giving way to an overall impression of a great balance between richness and elegance. The finish is long and voluptuously intense.

Vendanges Tardives ally opulence and elegance, offering a full and unctuous palate wrapped within a dazzling sweet-acidic balance!

Vendanges tardives

Pairing it

In order to respect these balanced forces, these wines should be paired with dishes with character, spicy or tangy dishes. 

Foie gras, notably, boasts this stature. It would be perfectly served with fig jam and a dash of balsamic vinegar or even with a spicy mango chutney.

The fat in great Alsace sweet wines would also pair wonderfully with duck, served with a peach or orange sauce for example.

As for sea products, a lobster accompanied with a mild zesty-orange sauce would be perfect, or with a dory fillet and a citrus fruit emulsion.

A rather surprising food pairing is one with blue-veined cheeses such as with Roquefort or a Stilton or even toast with Gorgonzola accompanied with roasted pear slivers.

If this sweet wine is kept for the last course, it should be served with desserts filled with yellow or exotic fruits. The Riesling Vendanges Tardives remarkably manage the art of balance between sweetness and acidity, fully reveal their tightrope feats when paired with desserts. 


If I ripen late it’s because I like taking my time. I ripen slowly to imbue myself with intense aromas to roll-out improbable lavishness.

I am exquisite pleasure but I’m also capable of glistening, rolling-out vitality and freshness to ally finesse and delicious indulgence.

In the vineyards