Wonderfully sparkly

Crémant rosé d’Alsace

Crémant rosé d’Alsace

Tasting it


A pale soft crystalline pink with sometimes salmon-pink nuances.


The nose reveals notes of small red fruits.


The palate is fresh and harmonious, revealing fruity aromas. The elegant bubbles reinforce the wine volume and structure.

Solid without deviating from its elegance, it charms the senses with its hints of red fruits and the extreme finesse of its bubbles. Subtle, refreshing, refined and sophisticated, like a guest of honour.

Crémant rosé d’Alsace

Pairing it

Ideal for aperitifs, it pairs well with vegetable dips or cold terrines, embodying the first course of a buffet dinner. 

Structured and tannin-free, it perfectly matches with the freshness of eating fish and seafood. 

Should the trend be to cook up some comfort food such as roasted chicken, veal or pork, this wine will tenderly and skilfully fall in line with these delicate meats.

And at the end of mealtimes, it can easily match any red fruit desserts such as fresh strawberry gazpacho or cherry clafoutis.


The pink nuances of my colour express the sweet tranquillity which I relay.

I carry inside me the ardour and strength of Pinot Noir but my romantic soul is fully vowed to passion. My music is sparkling and evokes the pleasure of sweet nothings whispered in the ear!

In the vineyards