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With my fish

With my fish

Shellfish and crustaceans

The Sylvaner d’Alsace, lively, light and subtly aromatic, in no way interferes with the salty shellfish and other seafood, on the contrary it chills and refreshes.

Mussels, notably when cooked in wine, adore this fresh and spontaneous kick.

Oysters demand acidity to enhance their iodine, so need a punchy sort of wine like a Riesling d’Alsace that is very dry.

With oysters which are particularly salty and unctuous, you need minerality like with aRiesling Grand Cru, pure and straightforward.

As for crawfish, rock lobster or lobster, their sophisticated approach calls for a fine and elegant wine. The fine acidity of a Riesling d’Alsace, possibly with a dash of lemon, expresses the flavours while respecting their delicate meat.

With my fish

Cooked fish

TheRiesling d’Alsace pairs wonderfully with the fish texture whose fine meat calls for an elegant wine with the same refined lines. Sa fine acidité, combinée ou non à un trait de citron, exhale les saveurs subtiles des crustacés tout en soulignant leur caractère iodé.

Lorsque poissons et crustacés sont cuisinés en sauce ou à la crème, il apporte une touche de légèreté qui laisse les papilles nettes.

Un Pinot Blanc d’Alsace, digeste et épuré, moins puissant qu’un Riesling, souligne joliment l’iode des fruits de mer tout en jouant le contraste avec les sauces à base de crème.

With my fish

Les poissons crus ou fumés

Les sushis, mets parmi les plus raffinés de la cuisine japonaise, demandent un vin sec, subtil et de grande envergure, capable de résister en parallèle à la force du wasabi : un Riesling d’Alsace est ici tout indiqué. The delicate acidity of this wine, associated with mineral notes, reduces the saltiness and weight of fish while revealing their taste.

With my fish

Exotic-flavoured fish

The abundant use of spices and hot peppers in Asian or Indian cuisines greatly modified the tastes of these fish. When dishes are very spicy they require a powerful and rich wine such as the Gewurztraminer d’Alsace. Its sensual and enchanting character will also be ideal with sweet and sour or coconut-nut based dishes.