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Katzenthal et Niedermorschwihr

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      Katzenthal et Niedermorschwihr

    Sommerberg stretches over the foot of the Trois-Épis mountain, to the south of Katzenthal and to the north of Niedermorschwihr. Located on a very steep hill (45°), this locality is oriented directly to the south and rises up to nearly 400m in altitude.

    The two-mica granite, called Turckheim granite, in a very advanced state, produced these mineral-rich granite arenas, highly suited for vineyards.

    Over these 28.36ha of this locality, all the Alsace grape varieties grow happily, especially Riesling.

    Niedermorschwihr planted vineyards as of 1214 and the name Sommerberg already jealously delimited a part of the wine-growing area during the 17th century.

    The Sommerberg Grand Cru Riesling, very typical of this area, will express its true potential after having been kept for one to three years.


    Sommerberg wine blends the crystal-clear spirit of this soil and the maturity from this south-exposure. 

    Here we find a sensation of crystal-clear water with acidity which gives the wine integrity and liveliness, an exuberant spirit – and this, even in the presence of residual sugar.

    Riesling accentuates the sharp purity and bursts open in the length.

    Pinot Gris and Gewurztraminer are tonified by this liveliness which underlines aromas of ripe white fruits.

    Romain Ilitis
    Meilleur Sommelier de France 2012 & Meilleur Ouvrier de France 2015 


    Although accessible when young, after being kept for five to six years, this allows grapes harvested in this Grand Cru to fine-tune the structure and combine aromatic and mineral qualities. The wine exuberance remains dominant and is a marker for a highly-pure structure.

    During early vintage: a tender and succulent spirit can be noted thanks to the delicate freshness of the wine, which evolves towards roasted and exotic notes. The length and amplitude of the wine gives tasters a light and intense sensation.

    During late vintage: a straighter and more chiselled scope accentuates the wine purity and structure, allowing aromas of fresh fruits to be precisely revealed. The Cru minerality gives the wine intense saline notes.


    These are wines which reveal the delicacy of the most noble dishes. Their pairing with sea-based products is magical. The wine complexity allows to appease the dishes, whereas their simple expression allows to intermingle purity and finesse. Plancha-cooked lobster, sole meunière, turbot on the bone, warm mussels … the wine saltiness blends together the iodised expression of the products, providing total harmony.