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Secrets d'Alsace

Festive nibbles assortment

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    For 8 small ramekins of salmon rillettes

    • For the canapés with goat cheese and walnuts

      • For the foie gras and fig jam canapés

        • For the creamy fresh herb spread and salmon eggs canapés

          • For the cheese twists

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          Festive nibbles assortment

          Crémant d’Alsace

          For its ardour, its freshness and festive notes!


          Salmon rillettes

          200gof fresh salmon
          150gof smoked salmon
          40gof butter
          1 tablespoonof dill
          1 teaspoonof lime

          Goat cheese and walnut canapés

          slices of whole-grain white bread
          fresh goat cheese

          Foie gras and fig jam canapés

          slices of brioche-style white bread
          foie gras
          fig jam
          fleur de salt

          Creamy fresh herb spread and salmon eggs canapés

          slices of country-style white bread
          square fresh fromage frais
          chives, parsley and tarragon
          sprouted seeds
          salt, pepper

          Cheese twists

          1 rollof puff pastry