Le plein de fraîcheur

Marinated sardines lemon, thyme, rosemary

  • Zubereitung : 15min
  • Garen : 6 à 8 min
  • Schwierigkeit :

Die Zubereitung


Some advice before getting started.

Count between 4 to 5 sardines per person.
Choose ones which are shiny, straight with bulging eyes and a distinct contrast between the white belly and dark back.
Little sardines don’t need to be gutted but the larger ones would be better off scaled and gutted. Sardines can also be found already-gutted and ready to eat.

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Marinated sardines lemon, thyme, rosemary

Sylvaner d’Alsace

This little, fatty fish with a pronounced taste requires a fresh wine full of vivacity. With its straightforward acidity and light fruitiness, the Sylvaner d’Alsace provides a delicious contrast on the palate.

2 Personen

10Fillets of sardines
Red peppercorn
Olive oil