Die Elsässer Jahrgänge

Year 1983


Grand Cru Hengst Riesling Harvest from November 22 - Josmeyer

A late harvest to make rich, dry and perfectly ripe wine. An open, smooth and generous nose with hints of hydrocarbon and a tad spicy. Smooth when it hits the mouth, dry and deep with a strong concentration along with some fat.

A discreet but well-integrated acidity for the wine balance. A long finish with beautiful purity. A wine with a very long keeping potential. (Last tasted in November, 2012)

Pinot Noir Sigillé 1983 - Cave de Pfaffenheim

A dark rather deep ruby-red hue with a beautiful sparkle. The nose is rather fruity with hints of cherry and no trace of evolution. The palate is rather supple, full-bodied with good acidity and fine and harmonious tannins. The fruit is still very present with touches of caramel which provides remarkable balance. A wine at its peak, graceful and ripe which will be ready to drink within the next 10 years. To be preciously kept in the cellar and only taken out for great occasions. (Last tasted in November, 2005)

1983 was announced from the offset as being the worthy successor of the 1971 vintage year. A highly outstanding year for all grape varieties, both red and white. The hot and dry summer followed by an oftentimes damp autumn allowed quality rot to develop. The 1984 regulations were taken into account when labelling the Vendanges Tardives and Sélection de Grains Nobles indications.

It should be noted that if Vendanges Tardives were made using over-ripe grapes, their balance often remained dry, not like the sweet balance of contemporary Vendanges Tardives.

Thierry Meyer
Wine Instructor, Founder of L’Oenothèque Alsace (independent wine resource centre

Die Elsässer Jahrgänge

Keine Lese gleicht der anderen! Jedes Jahr geben die klimatischen Bedingungen den Winzern einen natürlichen Rahmen vor, mit dem diese arbeiten. Der Jahrgang überträgt diese Klimaschwankungen auf die Wahrnehmung der Qualität eines Weines. Er weist im Übrigen auf das Alterungspotenzial der Flasche hin.

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