Die Elsässer Jahrgänge

Year 1989

Grande année connue pour sa belle arrière-saison, et pour le développement de pourriture noble de très grande qualité.


Grand Cru Rangen Riesling 1989 - Zind-Humbrecht

First vintage totally vinified by the young Olivier Humbrecht, and a cuvée among the most outstanding of the range. The nose is smoky, roasted with hints of soot when aerated. The palate is generous, almost soft when it hits the mouth, fine and tangy with purity and beautiful elegance. Not very evolved with a long finish. (13 g/l of RS) (Last tasted in April, 2007)

Gewurztraminer Vendanges Tardives 1989 Domaines Schlumberger

A wine in excellent condition for being 25 years old, with delicate hints of praline, honey, roasted hazelnuts and a touch of mild spices. The palate is smooth, medium-bodied with a sweet attack, then very pure, almost creamy and hint of vanilla in the long finish. A very typical 1989 wine with a wonderful rot quality to be consumed alone at the end of an evening. Today it has reached perfect maturity but it can be kept longer if really necessary. (Last tasted in December, 2013)

Great year known for its wonderful late autumn and especially for the development of high-quality noble rot allowing to produce enough delicious Vendanges Tardives and Sélection de Grains Nobles to store some away in the cellar to age. We won’t forget that this vintage year also gave some oftentimes generous yields explaining the fatigue of some cuvées after around ten years.

Thierry Meyer
Wine Instructor, Founder of L’Oenothèque Alsace (independent wine resource centre

Die Elsässer Jahrgänge

Keine Lese gleicht der anderen! Jedes Jahr geben die klimatischen Bedingungen den Winzern einen natürlichen Rahmen vor, mit dem diese arbeiten. Der Jahrgang überträgt diese Klimaschwankungen auf die Wahrnehmung der Qualität eines Weines. Er weist im Übrigen auf das Alterungspotenzial der Flasche hin.

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