Die Elsässer Jahrgänge

Year 1990


Riesling Cuvée Fréderic Emile 1990 Trimbach

A leading vintage year for this cuvée originally from a parcel bordering on the Ribeauvillé estate on the slopes of Geisberg and Osterberg. The smooth time-filled aromas are broken down into nuances of hydrocarbon and a hint of butter and mild spices. The palate is harmonious, pure, dense with a well-integrated acidity, revealing a very long finish. The wine combines intensity and fattiness which make a great pair for noble fish. A wine which can reach 50 without any problem. (Last wine-tasting)

Grand Cru Muenchberg Riesling Sélection de Grains Nobles 1990 - André Ostertag

A rare cuvée produced when the noble rot was developed enough like in 1990, it’s a cuvée classed by André Ostertag as being in the category of “Time Wines”. The nose is very fragrant with a blend of dried apricot and hints of candied citrus fruit, evolving onto finer notes of zest. Strong liqueur on the palate which begins to melt over time, retaining an intense acidity and emphasizing the salinity which provides a light setting for the whole. After 25 years it’s a wine to be appreciated by itself. (Last tasted in February, 2005)

Certainly one of the greatest vintage years for the end of this 20th century, with a combination of ripeness and purity, providing a fantastic quality-consistency between the producers, the grape varieties and the terroirs. Red, white, dry and sweet wines are magnificent, and if we put aside a few lighter cuvées which tired after 25 years, the majority of the wines aged well. More so than in previous vintage years, the producers kept this vintage wine in cellars, proving the importance of following the evolution of such benchmark wines.

Thierry Meyer
Trainer, L’OEnothèque Alsace

Die Elsässer Jahrgänge

Keine Lese gleicht der anderen! Jedes Jahr geben die klimatischen Bedingungen den Winzern einen natürlichen Rahmen vor, mit dem diese arbeiten. Der Jahrgang überträgt diese Klimaschwankungen auf die Wahrnehmung der Qualität eines Weines. Er weist im Übrigen auf das Alterungspotenzial der Flasche hin.

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